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Angela is excited to announce her new partnership with longtime friend and real estate agent extraordinaire - Angela Gollan! That's right, two Angelas working together to make your dreams come true! The Angelas know Los Angeles!
Angela has always loved following open house signs. They are like a treasure hunt for adults, never knowing what kind of excitement lies at the end. Her favorite treasure is usually a fixer, though she can appreciate a fresh, shiny dwelling as well.

Her interest in real estate kicked off in earnest during the real estate boom of 2003. After a very long search, Angela and her husband finally beat out a dozen other offers to secure their first home and have had to fight for every home they’ve purchased.

Angela knows what it feels like to be competing with other offers and how to be the strongest offer submitted. Since then, they’ve bought, renovated, and flipped numerous properties. They’ve done drywall, skim coating, window replacement, foundation, tile work, and the list goes on. She’s not a licensed contractor, but Angela takes pride in knowing a thing or two about home renovations and has taken interior design courses as well.

Upon moving to Los Angeles in 2007, Angela and her husband first settled in Little Tokyo, a fantastic little hub of culture and nightlife. Yet, their lives progressed and they knew they wanted a more traditional neighborhood to start a family. They were itching to get their hands on something that they could put their sweat into and chose the most idyllic neighborhood in Echo Park, Angeleno Heights. It served them well for over a decade and they reaped the benefits of their hard work and vision. Their kids grew up and began school and they soon fell for South Pasadena where life is a bit more simple and daily walks are the highlight of their day. 

With a background as a successful lobbyist and principal economic policy analyst, Angela knows the importance of effective negotiating. Couple this with her passion for real estate and working with cool people and you’ve got a recipe for a successful partnership.

If Angela is not working with clients, you will likely see her walking the streets of South Pasadena with her daughter and son, running or grabbing a coffee at her favorite spot. 

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With extensive experience in the Los Angeles interior design world, we have a passion for spaces and architecture and revels in the unique potential each property holds. Our drive to help our clients seek out the perfect space or sell their homes with the utmost care keeps us excited and motivated every day.

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